Thursday, November 7, 2013

Cemal Çınarlı | Ud Taksimleri Arşiv, Vol. 1

Get it here.

Bodega Pop will be on the radio soon. Specifically, we'll join WFMU's Give the Drummer Radio, the streaming station curated by master DJ and music blog supporter extraordinaire Doug Schulkind. Doug actually asked me if I'd be interested in bringing the bodega to the woof-moo months ago, but for several reasons--including (a) complete ignorance on my part as to what goes into being a DJ and (b) the impending move to my new apartment--I wasn't quite ready to start the show.

I'm still not quite ready, although I've made progress. I've bought a professional microphone, a mixer, and a Byzantine array of cords, jacks, plugs and adapters. All I need now is a Mac computer of some kind. That, dear reader, listener, is where you come in. Over the next few weeks I'll be selling original art, rare CDs and books, and whatever else I can pull together to raise funds for the computer I'll need to stream you and other listeners the goods. More info to come soon.

Meanwhile: My new apartment is no longer a mess, yay. The bad news? That's because more than half of my CDs are in boxes that I've shoved, out of exhaustion, into the closet. That said, I'm finding lots of new stuff--new to you, anyway--to post. 

First up is this lovely example of Turkish taksim, or improvisation, that I found half a decade or so at Uludag Video in south Brooklyn. More--much, much more--to come.


Hyde said...

Doug hinted at this a while back, glad to see it's coming down the pike. looking forward to your show!

Lysander said...

Thank you so much for this. This album has disappeared from Spotify in the last few days, so it's great to see it available here, it's a fantastic example of Turkish oud improvisation - and very well put together for a compilation. Shame that none of the contributing artists are mentioned on the sleeve, as I am led to believe.

Fattoxxon said...

Wow. Fantastic. And it shows that the Arabic influence lives on in Spanish folk/flamenco big-time! Thanks for this one