Saturday, November 30, 2013

Celestine Ukwu | Igede

Reupped in case you missed it the first time, here.

[Originally posted on April 13, 2013.] I know I promised you more Fairuz this weekend, but it was such a warm day today I wound up spending all of it on my bike. And I think you know what that means. Yes, that's right: I wound up at Blessing Udeagu (99-08 Lewis Avenue, Corona, Queens), where I picked up a dozen or so mostly Nigerian CDs, including this mind-blowingly great collection of 70s hits by the legendary Celestine Ukwu.

From LASTFM: Celestine Ukwu began his musical career during the 1960’s with Michael Ejeagha’s Paradise Rhythm Orchestra in Enugu, capital of the former Eastern Region of Nigeria. He left four years later to launch his own band, the Music Royals. Following a hiatus caused by the Biafran war of independence from 1967-70, the Music Royals were resurrected as the Philosophers National, who distinguished themselves with a series of sparkling, subtle highlife releases during the 1970s. Sadly, Ukwu perished in an automobile accident in 1977, depriving Nigerian music of one of its shining stars.


John B. said...

Thanks for this. Celestine Ukwu and Celestine Obiakor are actually two different musicians.

Gary said...

Ah, thanks for the info, John. I'll cut that reference from the LastFM citation.

John B. said...

Actually, the misinformation is my fault! I read that Celestine Ukwu & Celestine Obiakor were the same person in Ronnie Graham's "Stern's Guide to African Music" and repeated it in my discography of Celestine Ukwu on Toshiya Endo's site. It was apparently lifted verbatim by someone else, and repeated by you. Ah,the internet!

Unknown said...

Lots of thanks for bringing one of my alltime favorite musicians from around the globe into attention.


his music is bringing joy and tears and everytime I need it, the mood seems to suit my moment. Thank you so very much...Mr John B do you have anything from his early days. I only have the late sixties and seventies music. Thank you
, Richard

Ludwig Landström said...

Any chance of yet one more upload?