Sunday, September 30, 2012

Unknown Lao Singer | PKCD 035

Another kick-ass Lao album found in suburban Dallas last weekend.

Listen to a sample track 

Get it all here.

As I said in yesterday's post, I'm strongly considering changing this blog's layout to something like this.

Yes or no? Your vote will matter! If I receive no votes in the next day or so, I'm moving ahead and redoing the layout. ...


berry van boekel said...

Don't change... You lose a certain intimacy... The new look looks mechanical.

Barron said...

Washerman's Dog has just made a similar change. I don't care for very much. Seems kinda blah.

I vote for the current format. It's friendly and appealing.

Anonymous said...

I prefer the old look - nice to happen upon posts on some of the right hand column listings & other reasons that I can't express - but just to have you continue is good enough for me :-)


Barron said...

Gary, I don't know how you do it. You wander into these little bodegas, buy cd based on the cover art or some ethereal instinct, and you come up with so many winners!

One wonders how many dogs you have hidden in shoe boxes that you wouldn't want us to hear. ;^)

Thank you. The new Lao posts are delightful--as is most of what you share with us. (I'll pass on the Kmmer rap, though. I don't like rap music in any language, but I'm sure you have readers that will appreciate it.)

Gary said...

Thank you, Barron. I do have a secret, and it's surprisingly simple. After whatever instincts lead me to pick up what I pick up, I try to post that which I genuinely like. (Bear in mind that my actual CD collection, from NYC bodegas, mostly, is maybe 6-7 times what I've posted ...)