Saturday, September 29, 2012

Male Lao Singer | Unknown CD

Another winning Lao album found in Dallas last weekend at a Laotian grocery store.

So, I'm thinking of updating the whole look and feel of this blog, using one of Blogger's newer templates, "magazine"--something like that. (See a sample of that here.) What do you think? Does it matter? I like it because, even though you seem to lose your header image, the overall look is visually stronger, and the user (you) can switch between multiple types of views. Anyway, if you have strong thoughts about this, let me know.

Oh. This evening's musical offering? I think you're going to like it ...

Listen to the first track

Listen to the 11th track

Get the whole dozen here.


Dolmance said...

I'd rather you didn't change the layout, simply because I have ADD and I'm stupid and it could take several minutes trying to figure it out.

Peace... God bless...

Holly said...

Late to this one - superb! Many thanks.

And thank you again for not switching to that vile Blogger template :-)