Friday, August 24, 2012

Thanh Thúy | Buồn Trong Kỷ Niệm

Listen to "Tau Dem Nam Cu"

Listen to "Hinh Bong Cu"

Get it all here.

This is Holy Fucking Shit-level pop, the kind of music you'll take one listen to and wonder who the evil motherfuckers are who have kept you from experiencing it for so long.

Everything I know about Thanh Thúy, along with an earlier recording (with some fabulous guitar work) is in this post. I'll be upping a third recording tomorrow, so stay tuned.


Holly said...

Holy crap this is good! Yay!!!! :-)

Holly said...

Holy crap this is good! Yay!!!! :-)

Feilimid O'Broin said...

Prior to discovering your blog last year, I was unfamiliar with any music from Asia beyond that of India and Pakistan. I want to express my great appreciation for your posting of this music. It and the Burmese music you have posted are gorgeous. Thanks for trekking to bodegas wherever you find them to purchase and post this music. My forays have been confined to Ethiopian grocery stores and west African music shops and, as you have commented several times, I can attest to the strange looks one initially gets as an American who is somewhat knowledgeable about or, at a minimum, intent on purchasing such music. There is almost always the reaction that one has stumbled into the wrong store and then the questions regarding when you lived in or visited a country to which you have never been in an effort to ascertain why you are there. However, also like you, I have found that after the initial bemused and bewildered smiles and queries about what you are seeking, the owners or personnel are more than willing and, in fact, happy and proud to introduce you to like music in which they think you will be interested.