Sunday, August 19, 2012

Joey Boy | 67 Songs

Listen to "It's On"

Listen to "Censor" (best use of bleeps ever?)

Listen to "อวัยวะ"

Listen to "Books of the Bible"

Get all 67 songs here.

Born Apisit Opsasaimlikit in 1975, Joey Boy began his career in the 1990s, recording his first hit, "Fun, Fun, Fun," with Canadian reggae artist, Snow, in 1995:

I discovered my first Joey Boy record a couple of years ago in a Vietnamese media store on Argyle Street right off the red line in Chicago. (Get it here.) As I described it then, it was "quite honestly one of the most bizarrely satisfying purchases of a musical nature I have ever made." That still holds today.

The present mix includes everything I have by one of the more inventive rappers in the world, deduped for your downloading and listening pleasure.

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kutsuwamushi said...

This is fantastic. The album you posted before was a bit hit or miss for me, but the hits were SUPER hits. I'm looking forward to giving this a listen.