Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hương Lan | Cánh Cò Quê Hương

Huong Lan

Listen to a fabulous track from this CD

Get the whole thing here.

Found in a Vietnamese convenience store/sandwich shop in Manhattan's Chinatown.

Hương Lan started her career in Vietnam in 1961 at the age of five when she participated in performances of Vietnamese opera. She was recording pop music by 1966 and ultimately left Vietnam for San Jose, Calif., in 1975.

Listen to a pre-75 recording:


Holly said...

That's a killer teaser track!

DJ Carl Hamm said...

love this blog.... i did so much bodega shopping for music when i lived up there and i think i know which store u got this from!!! your comments about the thrill of searching for this music, and your interactions with store owners really warm my heart... keep searchin, and thanks for sharing!!!

Timmy said...

Great, wonderful. Thanx..........