Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Asala Nasri | Al Mushtaka


Listen to "Al Mushtaka"

Get it all here.

Born in Damascus to the famous Syrian composer Mostafa Nasri in 1969, Asala began her recording career in 1991 at the age of 21. She moved to Egypt, where she subsequently became a superstar all over the Arabic world. In my opinion, only Najwa Karam's voice rivals Asala's.

It's likely that I found this at Rashid's in Brooklyn.

Watch Asala sing live:


Anonymous said...

Hi: Excellent idea for a blog, excellently done. Thanks for letting the world in on your discoveries.

But since you asked (somewhere) about what we liked to hear --- though we have some tastes in common (and some not), I am not a fan of music made with computers substituing as instruments, particularly the rhythm instruments. I understand it can't be helped in a lot of cases. Oum Koulthoum with an electric guitar is fine. But the instrumentation detracted from the superb Pakistani playback singer for me, however. (You say you have an extensive collection of her music; I'd love to hear some with a bit less electronica, which doesn't necessarily mean straight "folk".)

Still, I hope you continue what you're doing.

Gary said...

I have 50+ CDs by Naseebo Lal, the Lollywood singer in question. I believe that at least one or two of them have more traditional instruments. I'll dig them out tonight and post one either today or tomorrow.