Thursday, May 26, 2011

Lюк | Lemon


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Over the years I've developed a fairly good spidey-sense when it comes to plucking fab CDs from bodega stacks. Except for Russian pop. I have found almost nothing I would consider really worth saving in any of the Brighton Beach stores ... except for this rather spectacular CD of pop-electronica, which I found several years ago.

I know little about the group other than that, less than two months after the performance captured on the video below, they disbanded. They've got at least a couple other CDs out there, which I'll keep my eyes open for. If, that is, I ever make it back to Brighton Beach ...

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Holly said...

Very fun - and very surprised this hasn't already been heralded by the cognoscenti. Thanks so much for sharing - you are way ahead of the curve ;-)

PS to others - many other songs on you tube...