Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cheba Maria | Ould Bladi

Cheba Maria

Listen to "Casablanca"

Download the whole CD here.

Found at Princess Music in Bay Ridge on what was likely one of the last days they were open. A totally great find.

Cheba Maria was born and raised in Casablanca and moved to France in 1998, where she's now apparently a fairly big rai star. Rai is the ultimate hybrid pop, incorporating anything and everything into its wake. Well, okay, not everything. But, still.

A video:

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Unknown said...

thanks for this! was looking for more of Cheba's sounds for a while now. you defo must check her hit song 'Celibataire' too, it's a winner at every good trash'xotic party ;)
ripped from cassette in decent quality >