Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rare Cambodian 60s-70s Rock


Three unimpeachably great tunes from this rare CD of Cambodian rock & roll

Download the whole thing in a single zipped file here.

Found in Portland at the same Cambodian/Thai grocery store as I found the CD I'd uploaded earlier.

The male vocal is Sinn Sisamouth. I'm guessing that the female is Ros Sereysothea, though I'm not sure.

Fans of the Cambodian Rocks and/or Sublime Frequencies CD series will definitely want to download this one, as well as the one I posted back in April.

On a related note: Anyone know when this is finally coming out?

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Chay said...

Hello!The owner of The blog, I saw you post Morodok CD Vol 30,but The link is delete!Unluckily,I just found your blog and Song no longer exist.Could you upload again,please? Thanks in advance.