Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Some of My Best Friends Are DJs

Every year, the highly-disciplined DJs at WFMU each create a special swag offering for listeners who pledge to keep America's longest running freeform radio station on the air. In addition to T-shirts, stickers, DIY publications, beer cozies, and other surprises, many broadcasters compile thrill-packed limited-edition CDs packed with of all manner of obscure or long-out-of-print tracks--there are even those who go so far as to connive and cajole their favorite musicians to write or cover and record songs just for their one-time, pledge-only release.

We kicked off our October Silent Fundraiser with a special show featuring (mostly) international tracks from the last five years (or so) of these delightful digital optical discs of polycarbonate plastic.

Bookmark the show and see you Weds night!

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