Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Rare & New CDs | WFMU Fundraising Marathon!

WFMU's 2018 Fundraising Marathon continues and I've got 9 more new and rare CDs to give away to winning Bodega Pop Live listeners. All CDs were found in bodegas and media stores catering to immigrants in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens. 

This Wednesday, March 14, from 7-10 PM ET I'll be joined by my Give the Drummer Radio stream mate, Continental Subway's David Dichelle; in addition to playing some really great tracks, we'll be giving away the nine CDs shown aboveto lucky pledgers of $20 or more.

Here are a few details on what's up for grabs:

1. Brazilian hip-hop crew Racionais MC's 1994 compilation of their first two albums, plus bonus tracks. It doesn't get funkier than this.

2. Polish post-punk pioneers Siekiera's 1986 debut. One of the most influential eastern European albums of all time. Plucked from the shelves of Music Planet in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

3. Niemen's 1968 Sukces -- one of your humble proprietor's favorite albums, ever. I mean, look at him. Look at his haircut. Look at his jacket. Look at the freaking lettering. Is Niemen going to disappoint? Nie, man. 

4. Bappi "The Big Bappi" Lahiri's 1987 Dance Dance soundtrack. Holy freaking s#1t, this is like ... well, first of all, good luck finding a copy. No one's selling it on Discogs, and there's a reason: It's drugs. "Zooby Zooby"? "Super Dancer"? "Dance with Pa Pa"? Powerful drugs.

5. Biddu and Nazia & Zoheb Hassan's Disco Diwane and Star. Bollywood's two greatest disco albums, bundled into a single CD. 

6. R.D. Burman's Hare Rama Hare Krishna and Heera Panna soundtracks. Asha's finest moment. Ultra-rare original EMI CD found in a wee, unassuming bodega next door to Battambang Market II in the Bronx. 

7. Holy bejeebus, but this is an amazing CD. Millie (aka Millie "My Boy Lollipop" Small)'s 1970 comeback album, Time Will Tell, with covers of songs by Nick Drake, from Hair (the musical), and Jimmy Cliff's absurdly catchy bubblegum earworm, Honey Hush.

8. Total Reggae Chart Hits (2 CD set) -- reggae versions of chart toppers, from Sugar, Sugar, Puttin' on the Ritz, and Da' Ya' Think I'm Sexy, to Fast Car, Knocking on Heaven's Door, and Amazing Grace.

9. Finally, this 40th anniversary 3 CD set of one of the greatest reggae albums of all time, Lee Perry's production of The Congos' The Heart of the Congos, with the original album, a disc's worth of bonus tracks, and never-before-heard original mix versions.

If all this weren't enough, listeners who pledge $75 or more will receive a copy of our 2018 DJ Premium, Burma Pop, a collection of Burmese hits and crazy cover songs from the 1960s to 1980s.

Bookmark the page and see you Wednesday night!


sumyum said...

Is there any possibility of posting links for the Maki Asakawa links? Recently discovered her and love her voice but all the records on Discogs are imports that I cannot afford.

Would really appreciate it-


Dolmance said...

My God, Millie was insanely adorable.