Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Super Japan 5 | Super taboo to super zoo.

Over five Wednesday nights in August, Bodega Pop Live on WFMU's Give the Drummer Radio took a 15-hour alphabetical tour of extreme examples of genres (tape music, zeuhl), states of being (violent, wounded) and more from everybody’s favorite stratovolcanic archipelago. 

On tonight's show (7-10 PM EDT): Super taboo, super take, super tape music, super thanks, super theme, super thunder, super town, super underground, super Uoredoms, super utsuroi, super venom, super violent, super vitamins, super want, super weeping, super wet, super wild, super wind, super witch, super wounded, super eX-girls, yesterday, super yé-yé, super youth, super zany, super zebra, super zeuhl, super zipper, super zoo.

Click here to listen to the show in the archives!


Anonymous said...

Hello, just curious if the email address on the frontpage is still functional? I sent you an email some weeks ago and was worried it might not work anymore... keep up the good work with the radio shows btw :)

Gary said...

Yes, it's still good -- I check it once a week or less, but I will get around to it and answer you soon!

Gary said...

Hey, I just checked and don't see an email from gurokami ... what email did you email me from? Or what was the subject? Want to make sure I got it

Anonymous said...

It was sent from If it's not there, I can re-send it, it should still be in my sentbox.