Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Last week I made one of the single biggest CD discoveries I've ever made -- and I've been bodega diving for nearly two decades. At Thai-Cam Video in Portland, Oregon, I found, in a box that had been scootched beneath shelving and nearly hidden from the eye, more than 50 Cambodian CDs, all from the 1990s. Then add to that the dozen or so Thai and Lao recordings from the 1980s - present I plucked later that week from a couple of Lao groceries outside of Fort Worth, Texas.

Now, on Bodega Pop Live you can hear three hours of super-rare Cambodian synth pop, switched-on Morlam Lao, electronic luk thung from Thailand, and a couple of largely forgotten gems from the 1960s and 70s, most of it never before played on any English-language radio station, not even WFMU.


Ju said...

great discovery! please share something of this bounty, es würde doch große freude bereiten!

Mikey B. said...

Congratulations on unearthing more fantastic Cambodian music in the Pacific Northwest! I echo the sentiment of the previous comment from "Ju" please post share some of this fantastic music!

jifhdfsjdfs said...
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Dolmance said...

Gee, uh, I sure would like to see some of these in 320 kbs some day.

Where am I? Is this thing on? Thanks. What? Oh. Thanks. Just sayin'.