Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Gary & Meghan's Marathon XTREME PARK!!

Hey Kids, look: It's the 2015 WFMU fundraising Marathon! This year, WFMU will raise $1.2 million to keep the music flowing on one of the last great free-form radio stations in the country.

DON'T MISS OUR SPECIAL SHOW: Gary and Meghan's Marathon XTREME PARK! On Wednesday, March 11, Bodega Pop Live's Gary Sullivan was joined by the amazing Underwater Theme Park DJ Meghan McKee for three solid hours of Marathon Madness!

Listening to the show in the archives?

Pledging $75+ gets you my 2015 marathon premium CD:

XTREME JAPAN, a collection of outrageous Japanese avant-pop, breakcore, jazz-punk, noise, psychobilly & more from the 1980s - present!

Listen to the show now in the archives!

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