Thursday, August 21, 2014

Palestinian Wedding Music

Listen to track 14

Hear track 15

Grab the 25-track album here.

I picked up this terrific collection of Palestinian wedding songs, marches, etc., somewhere in Bay Ridge at some time in the aughts. There were at least half-a-dozen music and electronics stores that carried Arabic music on cassette and CD there at that time, though they all have closed down since I moved out of Brooklyn to Queens.

What is it about weddings that bring out so much great music in so many diverse cultures? The music and singing in this instance is raw, spirited, moving. Not something I play every day, but music that, when I do play it, my first thought is: Holy crap, how did I forget about this?

Read about an organization that hosts traditional wedding celebrations for young Palestinians in Lebanese refugee camps, here.

Listen to Bodega Pop Live's 3-hour broadcast of Palestinian music on WFMU's Give the Drummer Radio, here.

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bruno said...

Hello there! Im from brasil, and ive been looking for Palestinian wedding songs for a very, very long time! I once had a cassette with this kind of music, recorded by an friend, but it was lost years ago. Even for an arabic-music-freak-collector its so hard to find here! Can't thank you enough!