Thursday, September 3, 2015

Soap Kills | Complete Discography

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How can you not love Zeid and Yasmine Hamdan -- who were both born in 1976, but who are not, as I know y'all are thinking, twins? I mean, look at them. If they're not twins, what's with their matching last name, their same year of birth and -- above all -- those groovy velvety black long-sleeved shirt-thingies they're both wearing?

Spurred on by a growing electronic pop movement in Beirut, the duo formed a band in 1997, calling themselves "Soap Kills" because, as Zeid recalls, "We thought that at the time, in the context of Beirut being ... you know, reborn, and all the war being wiped clean, we thought, wow, it's shiny and it's awful and it's soap kills. We thought it would be a nice name for a band."

Both artists went on to pursue solo careers and it's unclear whether or not they have plans to ever reunite. According to their Wikipedia page, Zeid is currently spending time in prison for political sedition (he wrote a song that includes the lyrics "general, go home," an apparent reference to president Michel Suleiman, formerly Commander of the Lebanese Armed Forces) and the entire Soap Kills catalog is banned from radio and television broadcast.


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