Sunday, February 16, 2014

Dolphin | Youth

Reupped because I promised I would.

Ever since I stumbled onto this video for Dolphin's "Without Us":


I've kept my eye out for the album it came from, imagining it was, at bare minimum, listenable. When I found a copy online late last year, I filed it away, waiting to give it a fair hearing. And promptly forgot about it. 

Maybe it was seeing a copy of Peter Hook's book on Joy Division in a bookstore I popped into on the way home after work this evening, but something nudged this album back into my consciousness. Once at home I searched for it in my computer; when I found it, I popped open a Six Point and spent the next hour letting the Dolphin wash its post-punk waves of tuna-safe Dolphin-y goodness over me. And realizing that you really, really had to hear it.

Youth, or Yunost, is Dolphin's sixth studio album, released in 2007. I realize that you and I don't know each other all that well, but ... I think you're going to like it.

Postscript: I love this album so much that, when I found a physical copy of it in an Astoria thrift shop recently, I shelled out for it so I could while away evening after evening "grooving on the cover" while listening to it. Seriously.


Craftypants Carol said...

cool! thanks!

Holly said...

Thank you, Gary!
And how is Hook's book?

Gary said...

Hope you gals like it!

Holly, I didn't buy Hook's book, just saw it and flipped through it a bit. It's a beautifully made book -- much more so than most on rock music. I might pick it up at some point, though ...

Craftypants Carol said...

i haven't listened to the album yet - but i've watched that video at least 10 times now. it's totally hypnotic! both the music and the images in the video.

Gary said...

I love that video, too, Carol!