Sunday, December 9, 2012

Nass El Ghiwane | Ennehla Chama

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You find yourself among words: "people," "faces," "clothing," "teeth" and "hair." And words. And many words. The meaningless hegemony of the involuntary. The wet words touch your shoulders on each side. When words are there you care that they are there. Like them, you too want to get as far away as possible from where you were born. 

Words are like cushions to protect us from the knowledge of isolation. The screen here's very strange. When you look "into" it you often have the sensation that it is not a solid thing, protecting you from what's behind. Nothing, no words. We've never managed to get all the way away from them.

Words blow along the ground into his mouth as he sings.

Apologies to Paul Bowles.

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Hammer said...

Intriguing words of Bowles, author of The Sheltering Sky, coupled now with this album from Nass El-Ghiwane making the words their selves come to life.

Thanks, Gary.


Holly said...

This hit the spot tonight Gary, thank you.