Sunday, July 22, 2012

Yui Yatyoe

Listen to the first track

Listen to track #4

Listen to track #9

Get it all in a single blaze of glory here.

My favorite New York music blogger, Peter Doolan, is leaving the city in a couple of days to spend the next year (at least) in Bangkok. He and his girlfriend and I had tentative plans Friday evening to take a trip together up to Arthur Avenue for Italian eats and Albanian CD store diving, but circumstances (mine, alas) dictated otherwise. So, tonight's post is dedicated to him, with thanks for Monrakplengthai (which I hope he keeps up while in Thailand), for all of the translation/transliteration work he's done for me here and, last but not least, for introducing me to Thiri Video where, as some of you know, is where most of the ungodly great Burmese music I've posted here over the last year or so has come from.

I've spent the last week on vacation, using the time mostly to finish up three or four writing projects I'd been asked or commissioned to do. As a reward to myself today, and partly because I was thinking of Peter's immanent departure, I took a bike ride out to Woodside for the spicy-hottest pork larb I have ever had in my life (at Thailand's Center Point) and to dig through their large selection of CDs, all of which are on sale for half price--or about $5 a piece. This one, by a Thai Country singer whose name I don't know, and a Jintara Poonlarb collection I didn't already have, were the clear winners. (I'll post Jintara a bit later. It's by far the hardest-rawqin thing by her I've ever heard.)

What struck me about the present album, in addition to this woman's rather marvelously rough-around-edges voice, is the music production/instrument choices, which at times are, frankly, eyebrow raising. Which is to say: sublime.

PS: Thanks, Peter, for identifying the singer!


Holly said...

Track 9 sucked me in :-)

Anonymous said...


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peter said...

gary, thanks so much for the kind words. they mean a lot coming from my favorite new york blogger. we were sad things didn't work out on friday (my fault, too.. short notice), but i was serious about bangkok, of course... you will have a home there, if you can swing it! i will definitely be keeping up monrakplengthai (the low post rate lately has been due to the hecticness of moving) and i look forward to the new york nostalgia your blog will inevitably evoke.

btw! this lady is yui yatyoe

Anonymous said...

Thai romanization is so confusing. "Yui Yardyer" is how she's romanized on the ethaiCD site, and I think I found this album with tracklist and romanizations here:

Hebjo said...

This is totally badass. Thanks!