Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Silvio Rodriguez | Mujeres

Ten years ago today the first prisoners were locked up at the infamous Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba. To mark this inauspicious date, here's a CD by Cuba's most famous protest singer, Silvio Rodriguez, one of the giants of "Nueva Trova" ("New Song").

I found this gem--the third of Rodriguez's albums, originally released on vinyl in 1978--at a sort of street fair thingy in a huge parking lot near Arthur Avenue in the Bronx.

I don't know what the fuck we are doing still holding hundreds of people there indefinitely without charging them of anything. I'm sorry, but ... what happened to the president I voted for who said he was going to shut it down?

Listen to the title song

Get the album here.

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Holly said...

That F*CKING president has been replaced by an alien. A truly evil alien. For a damning summary indictment see this most excellent essay:

nb: I am NOT a Ron Paul supporter.
Alas, no longer an Obama supporter either. 3rd party, 3rd party...

OK, back to the music ;-)