Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Cheb Mami | Douni El Bladi

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This 1996 CD from early in the Prince of Rai's career completely blew my head off the first time I heard it after plucking it from the now-gone Princess Music electronics and Arabic music store on 5th Avenue in Brooklyn's Bay Ridge.

Shockingly, in 2009, the wildly popular singer was sentenced to five years in a French prison for allegedly forcing a former lover to undergo an abortion. (He was released on parole in March of this year.)

His last CD was released five years ago, in 2006; he says he plans to continue performing and recording, though I don't know whether he's begun to do so yet and/or how audiences will respond to him today.


Holly said...

Well, I made the mistake of reading the linked article. Ugh.

Gary said...

Yeah, I know; it's awful. I really hope he didn't do this, but it looks like he probably did, which is horrifying, if so.