Friday, May 8, 2015

Phương Dung | Khúc Hát ân Tình

Reupped again on May 8, 2015, here.

Every time I've gone to Chicago, and the one time I was in Montreal, I've picked up half a dozen to two dozen Vietnamese CDs, mostly pop music recorded in Vietnam before 1975--though I do have a relatively sizeable collection now of Vietnamese rap, all recorded in the States.

The pre-75 stuff rarely disappoints. That said, it also rarely, in the words of my Minneapolis sound poet friend, Erik Belgum, "blows head off." Last weekend, however, I picked up something that defintely BHO.

This is, at least for the moment, my favorite pre-75 Vietnamese pop CD. Hope you like it. Here's something else by Phương Dung, not on the CD, but still pretty fabulous, to listen to while you're downloading:


Ryan said...

This is great. I'm digging it on this rainy day.

Tom said...
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Tom said...

Vietnamese psych-pop is incredible. This is one of my favorites by Thanh Mai:

Seek out Saigon Rock & Soul on Sublime Frequencies for more gems.

boebis said...

nice one!

do you know this one? this is my favorite pre75 vietnamese album. a true classic, very popular, even tough it's much easier to find the post75 covers of it.

Hanoi Sessions said...

I've just discovered Phuong Dung and think she's great, but was wondering if you have the other version of Nhung Doi Hoa Sim? It doesn't have what sounds like an overdubbed pitched synth sound at the beginning nor the clunky drums. Here's the version on youtube:

Hanoi Sessions said...

Don't suppose you have this version of Những đồi hoa sim without the overdubbed pitched synth and clunky drums?
look forwards to hearing more Viet selections!