Sunday, May 16, 2010

Rayess Bek | Am Bihkeh Bil Sokout

Al Qanoune al Qanine"

Download entire CD in a single zip file here.

Found this totally kick-ass rap/hip-hop CD at the mighty Rashid Music on Court Street in Brooklyn, what I believe is the only surviving Arabic music store in Brooklyn. (There used to be at least half a dozen in Bay Ridge and Carroll Gardens I used to frequent.)

According to this article, Rayess Bek was one of the first artists to rap in Arabic, ca. 1997. According to his Web site, he just completed a doctorate in France and is working through the U.N. on an anti-war campaign with Frank Fitzpatrick.


Marc Nasdor said...

Do you know of Clotaire K, the Lebanese rapper? His work was always pretty inspiring. He has worked with Natacha Atlas as well, on his first CD, "Lebanese."

Gary said...

Hi Marc,

I don't know his work, but thanks for the tip ... I will definitely keep my eyes out!