Monday, June 6, 2011

Oum Kolthoum | Hathehe Layti


Get the CD here.

Watch Oum Kalthoum perform an excerpt from an earlier version of this song here.

Found at Rashid Music Sales when they were still on Atlantic Avenue. (That was, it turns out, their second location.) You would imagine that, of all the music on this blog, Oum Kolthoum would be the one singer I'd most likely have heard of before buying. Not the case; not when I got this CD, which I believe was the winter of 1997-98, less than a year after moving to New York City from Minneapolis-St. Paul.

Now of course, yes, I've seen the documentary, read the book and have collected dozens of CDs and tapes of her performances.

Anyone who knows Arabic music at all might wonder why I'm posting a relatively minor recording from 1970 rather than one of Kolthoum's more beloved songs, such as "Al Atlal" or "Enta Omry." Well, in part, because I assume you already have those. Also, I know it's blasphemous, but I actually prefer this song; it's always been my favorite, mostly for those groovy electric guitar passages that snake their way in and out of the 30+ minute piece.

Listen to an excerpt of this version of the song:

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